Rise of Artificial Professionals

For anyone that is abreast with technology, industrial and job related news, the term Artificial Intelligence is not a new or strange concept . A whole lot of people have a good idea of the concept of machines and software programs being made to augment human efforts or replace it where it is considered dangerous, boring or entails high computation rather than human intuition.

Considering that the past decade has seen headlines about AI amplified and potentials demonstrated, a lot of people might begin to consider that despite the improvements in computational capabilities, emergence of cloud computing and big data, all that has been achieved are merely impressive software improvements and simple human task emulation. Progresses in AI has gone far beyond that.

In this write up, I will be taking us through an impressive list of AI implementations that will show the extent of progress made in the field.

  1. AI Powered Training

An AI program by the name SHERLOCK is a a Computer-Coached Practice Environment that provides preliminary training for technicians in the US Air Force. It provides a flexible learning environment for both novices and experts alike while providing realistic setting for the training. It allows for a better learning environment where each of the participants have a one-on-one training with tailored experience to ensure maximum result in the learning process. It also allows the emulation of many and some rare technical failures that are not easily created physically.

2. Automated Stock Trading

Automated Trading systems are computer programs that automate the process of creating orders and submitting them to the stock market or exchange, using trading strategies based on predefined technical rules and analysis. These systems perform these operations faster than any human can as response time to indications by input information that gives green-light to stock order is almost immediate, and at magnitudes that no human effort can match.

Surprisingly, as of 2014, more than 75 percent of the stock shares traded on United States exchanges (including the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ ) originate from automated trading system orders.

3. Personal Finance Management

An iPhone app by the name “Digit” is a software system that analyse your income and spending patterns, and automatically dips into your checking account and puts a few dollars into a savings account (typically $2-$17 every 2–3 days). It also have chat capabilities to interact with the “Digit ” bot to perform basic operations.

4. Recruitment Process.

Recent advances and implementation has ushered in the early days of efficient, diverse and time-saving workers recruitment exercise, especially for companies, organizations or by government divisions that handle hundreds to thousands of applications. From 2016 to 2017 , Dutch-British consumer-goods giant Unilever implemented Artificial Intelligence systems in their recruitment process. Partnering with Pymetrics and HireVue, Unilever deployed used neuroscience based games, recorded interviews, and facial/speech analysis to predict hiring success of applications in screening all entry level employees. These AI systems enabled Unilever achieve hiring a more diverse workforce in racial distribution, and increase of Universities represented from 840 to 2,600. Recruitment process time for each candidate also reduced from 4 months to 4 weeks, saving about 50,000 hours of candidates’ time. Recruiters’ time spent reviewing applications decreased by 75%.

5. Music

A software by name “Lamus”, created in 2012 the first complete classical album fully composed by a computer. Created by Sony CSL Research Laboratory , the software can learn from huge database of songs. By analyzing unique combinations of styles and optimizing techniques, it can compose in any style.

Also, another AI device created by a company Uniform called “Solo ” which is a home appliance does an incredible work of playing music for you based on emotions detected from your facial expressions.

6. Business Management and Financial reports

A software automation system by the name “Yseop” does the work of business reports on financial services, business intelligence, business operations and marketing. Yseop studies input information to generate reports and recommendations at a speed of 3,000 pages per second. This software can also be used to write newspaper stories from data, which explain the motivation and context behind the numbers. The software can write in English, French, German and Spanish.

7. Hospitality

There is an hotel in Japan known as the “Hen na” or “Weird ” hotel in where guests are checked in and have their luggage delivered to the rooms by robots . Although customers still need to press buttons to perform a number of actions, A lot AI features and robotics makes the concept of an automatic hotel in the future highly promising . The hotel uses facial recognition, robots that deliver beverages and simple snacks, drones that bring in jars filled with snacks.

8. Law and Justice

Joshua Browder, a british entrepreneur created an online robot he named DoNotPay at age 18. DoNotPay, during its release help people dispute parking tickets that were unjustified. The service have helped saved it’s 175,000 users till date about $ 5million in parking tickets. Today, DoNotPay now performs disputing parking tickets and 1,000 other legal services for residents of the United States and United Kingdom.

9. Kitchen

A company called Moley Robotics created a product that hope to solve the health consequences that arise from modern day busy schedule that lead to high rate of processed food consumption. The product, the ” Moley Robotic Kitchen ” is made up of a standard kitchen set up, 2 robotic arms and a touch screen with smart software capabilities, which can also be connected to a mobile phone. The robot arms, on receiving the meal type and start instructions via the monitor , can prepare any type of food, anywhere in the world. Because is is connected to the Cloud , users can download recipes by chefs or other users, as well as train the kitchen on new recipes and upload it for others to download. It can also do the washing and cleaning of the kitchen set up by itself.

There are more technologies such as Google’s and Tesla’s Self driving cars, Go game playing AlphaGo, Customer service bots, security monitoring systems, e.t.c. It is evident that the number of AI driven technologies that will be doing common tasks that humans do today will increase in time with higher performance , higher productivity, less risks and at lesser cost. AI technologies are entering the professional terrain in many aspects of human socioeconomic activity, and only in a short while will they all become mainstream.

Software Engineer @Microsoft . A self-Taught computer programmer, Deep Learning, Computer Vision Researcher and Developer. http://olafenwamoses.me

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